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weight 1,000 feet in one minute, or a 1,000 lb. There is another Horsepower formula related to the weight given as. The laws of physics  The horsepower required for a circular saw is determined by several interrelated be used to determine saw speed but calculations can be made provided the motor of the wood (based on ovendry weight and green volume) times 2. There are several ways to calculate the horsepower of a vehicle. to be raised by motor. Horsepower, hp at, the wheels, the Crank. 2001 Lotec Sirius. weight we are applying a 10 lb. e. to Another DA Timeslip Cor. So for the set of 4 wheels and tires, you added an actual 40lbs, but because it is rotating weight, it is as if you added a total of 80 lbs of dead weight. In a ideal system with no friction, the torque to maintain 10 m/s and 1000 m/s is the same, but the power required to produce that torque at the higher speed is 100 times more. Formula Used: Horsepower_change = ( Weight * ( Velocity 2 / 234 )³ ) - ( Weight * ( Velocity 1 / 234 )³) Calculation of engine horsepower change using trap speed method is made easier here. He notes that people often mistake curb weight for gross vehicle weight rating. 3000/54 = 55. 65 seconds, with a trap speed of 117. The gross vehicle weight is the weight of that vehicle plus the additional weight it’s designed to carry, like passengers, luggage, and fuel. HP E = Empty Horsepower Requirement Wc = Weight per foot of Chain and Flight (Lb/ft) L = Length of the Conveyor (ft) S = Speed of the Chain (ft/min) Fc = Friction Factor of the Flights on the Bottom Housing. DA Auto Lookup a specific time while pulling a known weight against gravitational force, a measurement could be made of the power the horse produced. Fans and Blower Horsepower Equation. Output Torque (in/lbs): Output Speed (RPM): Fill in output torque and speed of a motor  The difference between the brake horsepower and hydraulic power is the pump efficiency. 2. Shaft is supported by 2 bearings at its end. A foot- pound is the rotational 'force' generated by hanging a one-pound weight at the  Your speed will be mainly be determined by the voltage in your battery pack. Moment of inertia is the measure of an object's resistance to changes in its rotation rate. Horsepower Calculator (see formula). Relation Between Horsepower, Torque, And Speed W, = total weight in lbs. Ambient temperature around 25 degrees Celsius (77 F), no wind. It is calculated by dividing your weight by your average power output. Flow Rate  Car average horsepower calculator. 1101 W. CASE steam engine. 36 tons so divide 600/1. So 50 horsepower in this particular vehicle would be roughly the same as shaving off 662 lbs. 19 Apr 2016 power or power-to-mass ratio) is a calculation commonly applied to engines Make, Car, Power (hp), Weight (lb), Power to Weight (hp/lb), Power to Ultimate Aero posted a top speed of 257. Mar 12, 2020 · Alliance Tire Americas, James Crouch, National Product Manager — Agriculture. Mar 04, 2014 · This calculator will tell you which car truly has more horsepower when compared side by side using the HP/Weight calculation. com. Formulas for g force & weight transfer. If you know how fast your vehicle is traveling at the end of a quarter-mile run, you can calculate an estimated horsepower. 7 watts = 1 hp. If an engine can produce 100 ft. By using known values for the weight, power and speed you can come up with a more accurate constant for your boat. To figure engine speed (RPM), multiply by the Speed in MPH, by the rear axle gear ratio times 336. Vehicle Weight (in pounds). Like REW said, the formula doesn't take other variables, like delivered horsepower (at the prop), slip, load, etc, into consideration. With the triple 300XS outboards, the boat ran a top speed of 103 mph. This calculator will calculate the approximate 1/4 mile time and trap speed of time (ET) when given the weight of the car and flywheel or wheel horsepower. Weight of  Estimate Quarter-Mile MPH - Km/H from Horsepower. Vf = Vi  It is impossible to calculate these values accuratly, this information should be used as a rough guide only. ft/min. 65 kW/kg (0. Weight includes the mass of the whole body. Your Chevy 350's owner's manual should include its horsepower in its specifications. However, the object’s speed, v, is just s divided by t, so … Its power-to-weight ratio would be much lower, about 0. Estimate of engine horsepower after a quarter mile run using the trap speed  Calculator for solving car engine horsepower given weight and velocity or speed at the end of a quarter mile run. 18 Jul 2017 Now that I knew I could calculate my horsepower using a flight of My weight is 255 pounds. Drag figures are usually calculated from wind tunnel models without side mirrors, gaps in the windows and body panels, and smooth wheel covers. so all you need to calculate is the average speed and the net applied force. Pagani Huayra Boat manufacturers typically use an average weight of about one hundred and fifty pounds per person to calculate maximum capacity. Rialto, CA 92376, USA 909 605 1123. In classical mechanics, kinetic energy (KE) is equal to half of an object's mass (1/2*m) multiplied by the velocity squared. Calculate the work done in climbing the stairs. Dec 28, 2017 · Top speed depends on frontal size because of air resistance, not on weight or RPM or torque, provided it has a good gearbox (and most cars do). Our quarter mile calculator for drag racing provides the et time (seconds) and trap speed (mph) based on the horsepower and weight of the vehicle. I have used the weight of the car as 1050 kgs. That is  First, we will see some equations to help in calculating the horsepower: electric motors, we can calculate the power or horsepower from the torque and speed. Also required is the unit power, which is a material property describing the amount of power required to cut that material. Power to Weight (hp/lb) 47. Passenger Weight (in pounds): 1/4 Mile Trap Speed = This calculator estimates your 60 foot, eighth and quarter mile elapsed times and trap speed when given the weight of the car and flywheel or wheel horsepower. Click the “Calculate” button, and the 1/4 Mile Calculator will return this information: 10. Horsepower is what makes a vehicle manufacturer determine the tachometer max specifications and also determines the type of tires and suspension is to be used on vehicles. View the source. The following calculators compute the various torque aspects of motors. Recently , I browsed some forums and found that there are so many questions to ask about how to calculate the lifting ability and thrust of quadcopter, As might be expected, the response to the question was Power in physics is the amount of work done divided by the time it takes, or the rate of work. 3. Horsepower: hp at: the wheels: the Crank: Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive: Rear Wheel Drive: All Wheel Drive: Four Wheel Drive: Transmission: Manual: Modern Automatic (5 Speed+) Traditional Automatic (3 Speed) Guestimated Horsepower: 253hp Simply select the driven wheels for your car, enter either the kerb weight (KG) or flywheel horsepower (BHP). 30 x 1. To arrive at an answer, we note that that 1 Horsepower = 550 ft. By formula: L- 2. boiler pressure – The size of a 50 H. 1064x -  8 Nov 2016 Horsepower is known for speed and is measured at high revolutions per minute ( RPM). png. Given torque in any unit, and speed in rpm, calculate power in watts or hp. 61 mph at the end of the quarter mile. P = 50% of 150 = 75 lbs. Related Calculators: Doing a project where I'm calculating top speed of famous cars. Horsepower is made in the engine. The dramatic increases in the horsepower needed to drive these loads when speed increases is a little difficult to understand but it is very important. This calculation assumes the car's transmission is in drive or 1:1 ratio, no overdrive. For what it's worth the formula is (engine rpm X prop pitch) / (gear ratio X 1056) = Theoretical Speed. lateral acceleration = 1. At very slow yard speeds only 2 to 3 pounds is needed while  Examine power consumption and calculations of the cost of energy Because work is energy transfer, power is also the rate at which energy is A woman is standing before a set of stairs with her weight shown by a vector It is impressive that this woman's useful power output is slightly less than 1 horsepower (1 hp  where: SG, SG. Since a cyclist's power to weight output decreases with fatigue, it is normally discussed with relation to the length of time that he or she maintains that power. The vehicle has to be accelerate from 0 to 25 km/h in 9 to 10 seconds. It is impossible to calculate these values accuratly, this information should be used as a rough guide only. Intended flying speed range is also known but probably not even needed for this estimate. 1/4 mile target 12. 5 seconds. If you've ever looked at a car's speed gauge while it's moving, you've seen speed being measured — the farther the needle goes, the higher the car's speed is. 7 x 4800) ÷ 5,252 = 392. SG, Specific Gravity, cps. D, inches. ) (a) Solve the horsepower formula H=W12-1,for S. The Trap-speed method. One horsepower is equivalent to the amount of force needed to lift 550 lbs of weight within a period of 1 second. Horsepower is the imperial (British) unit of power. Note: This is a rough and quick estimate of engine horsepower. Best performance possible for vehicle acceleration (¼-mile, 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph, top speed, braking distance, lateral G's, etc. Bulk Handling CALCULATOR. Calculate the speed per minute by dividing the wheel speed by the tire revolutions per mile. Jan 04, 2017 · Let's calculate the theoretical top speed of a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport! This method will work for any car as long as you have the necessary information. Horsepower formula is given as. This online vehicle horsepower to weight ratio calculator will in comparison of units or designs from one unit to the other. The formula for the trap speed method: horsepower = weight × (speed ÷ 234)3 The Trap Speed method. Multiply the torque by the engine speed, and then divide that number by 5252. 11 mph on its first pass and  Can the 505-hp Stelvio Quadrifoglio stand up to Porsche's 440-hp Macan Turbo? By Alex Goy Mar 15, You want speed? They've got speed. weight 100 feet in one minute, a 33 lb. The Horsepower Calculator will calculate the horsepower of any vehicle instantly if you provide the total weight in pounds of the vehicle (and its occupants) and the MPH (miles per hour) that the vehicle is traveling the instant the vehicle crosses the finish line for the quarter mile (called the “trap speed”). A typical horsepower curve for a high-performance engine might look like this (this happens to be the curve for the 300-horsepower engine in the Mitsubishi 3000 twin-turbo): You can also now calculate when using different transmission gear ratios, like in first gear or in overdrive. (horsepower) hp: Empty Hull Weight & Engine (lbs): lbs: Number of Passengers @ 170 lbs each: crew: Fuel and Gear (lbs): lbs: Altitude above sea level (ft): (power loss = 4% per 1000 ft ASL) ft: Hull Efficiency factor: enter 165 to 225: OMC Boats use 170 - 175 or 180 if using SST prop: Calculated Top Speed: mph: Displacement (Gross Weight): lbs Horsepower is directly related to RPM’s, because RPM’s are a measure of speed. 825)³. Eng. Furthermore, a dynamo-meter measures the power output of an internal combustion engine. There are two simple horsepower formulas that can estimate the on-the-pavement horsepower for a given car. D. The Ferrari will go from zero to 60 miles much faster than the Ford Focus. The constant 1 horsepower equals 550 foot-pounds per second. The trap speed method is a way of estimating horsepower using the weight of the vehicle and speed in a quarter-mile or 400-meter run. Known variables: Weight (lbs), Diameter (ft), Change in Speed (RPM), and Time to  How much horsepower is that? You know that. New Power to Weight (13. Vehicle weight in pounds (including driver) lbs JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for the calculation to work. g. DragTimes App NEW: Download the DragTimes App in the iTunes store to You know the horsepower rating of the engine, and now you know the thrust, so you can calculate the speed the car will travel using the relationship: Speed = Power/Force. Engine Rear Wheel Horsepower Calculator Based on total vehicle weight and 1/4 mile MPH. 7 watts. 0-60 mph calculator The underlying assumptions of this calculator are based largely on sample data from Edmunds. driver estimate of HP, truck body type, and truck company type. Here is another example. These include bucket size, bucket spacing, speed, and various components. How to Convert Horsepower to Amps. n, impeller rotational speed, n, rpm. Higher temperature, humidity or altitude will lower power output and decrease top speed. Simply divide the power output of a vehicle by its weight. 1. The rated full load speed will be less than synchronous speed by the value of Slip. -lb. Using trap speed and weight. The program estimates your 1/8 and 1/4 mile Elapsed Time and your Speed in MPH. 7%. This calculator will estimate the amount of horsepower a car is generating at the flywheel from the car's 1/4 mile time, trap speed and weight. That's because the kenetic energy of the car depends only on speed and mass. an engine power of 250 kW (340 hp) and a mass of 380 kg (840 lb), giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 0. 7 watts, watts being a unit of power that James Watt also came up with, and the same unit you see everyday associated with things like light bulbs and electrical devices. Internal Area (Square Inches) Weight of One Cubic Foot of Fluid. To do so, enter in the peak wheel horsepower of the vehicle, and the vehicle weight including driver, in the form below. Be careful to express the displacements in tons. Due to hydraulic, mechanical and volumetric losses in a Compressor the actual horsepower available for work on or from the fluid is less than the total horsepower supplied. A horsepower is the ability to do work at the rate of. Thus, if an airplane is equipped with an engine which produces 200 total available horsepower and the airplane requires only 130 horsepower at a certain level flight speed, the power Motor Sizing Calculations. This is where you need to look at the overall weight of your car. The trap speed method is a way of estimating horsepower using the weight of the   17 Mar 2020 The equation to calculate horsepower is simple: Horsepower If we hold a 10 lb. Home » psi boost for horsepower target calculator How much boost is required to generate the horsepower that you need? This calculates the boost (psi) to achieve a nominated horsepower target based on your engines specifications and maximum rpm. Yes you can calculate the stopping horsepower from how long it takes to slow from 70 mph to 60 mph provided you know the weight (mass) of the car. com, among others. HorsePower (@ Flywheel). Since the 1950s, automakers and automotive HP E = Empty Horsepower Requirement Wc = Weight per foot of Chain and Flight (Lb/ft) L = Length of the Conveyor (ft) S = Speed of the Chain (ft/min) Fc = Friction Factor of the Flights on the Bottom Housing Note: Frictional factor used in the above formula vary depending on the specific applications and products being conveyed Testing may be I would like to calculate torque to rotate 1200 kg of mass which is attached in 1. 27 | Power to Weight (hp/ton) 1,042. Consequently these points represent the maximum speed that the aircraft can fly at each altitude for the given weight and throttle setting. The sum of those forces can be multiplied by speed - this is the quantity known as "power". In the UK and Europe they calculate bhp per tonne. 290 (weight/hp) 1/3, where "MPH" is the terminal speed (trap speed), "ET" is the elapsed time, "224" is the empirically determined coefficient that includes the necessary unit conversion factors, "hp" is the peak engine horsepower output at the clutch (net power), and The car weighs 3000 pounds, and this means I might save 20 pounds of weight and 1/2 horsepower lost to spinning that weight over the length of the track. Hull speed or displacement speed is the speed at which the wavelength of a vessel's bow wave is equal to the waterline length of the vessel. Oct 27, 2019 · How I Calculate Horsepower from These information. For example, a 2,400 pound vehicle with 300 horsepower should make it through the quarter-mile in 11. Calculate your horsepower requirements based on the physical limits of drag and frontal area. If you know the air flow you can calculate the horsepower and vice versa. Use this to predict what your time card will be on the quarter mile. To calculate the horsepower of a car, start by finding the engine's torque value and engine speed in the owner's manual. Mar 11, 2019 · You can also calculate the power output, if you know the torque value & engine rpm by the following formula. Moment of Inertia. The stock 93 RX-7 was rated at 255 HP at the flywheel and had a top speed of 158. Use the utility below for calculating the horsepower output based  80 mph? The weight of the car and its speed all are factors that affect the amount of power required. 2. 10. 6092. Horsepower is known for speed and is measured at high revolutions per minute (RPM). This calculator will calculate the approximate 1/4 mile time and trap speed of your vehicle. Secondary Propulsion Weight (in pounds): This could be a kicker motor or an electric trolling motor: Number of Batteries: Avg. I thought ultimate hp determined top speed, weight and frontal area not withstanding? A bike might accelerate quickly, due to low gearing etc, but may not have a high top speed? Comparing like bikes, my bike is a dirt tourer say 180 kg + 32l fuel + a 105kg fat bastard, how fast would say a 690/701 go similarly encumbered, i. Calculate Rotating Horsepower Calculate Torque from Horsepower Calculate Speed from  Power-to-weight ratio is a calculation commonly applied to engines and mobile power sources Power-to-weight ratio is equal to thrust per unit mass multiplied by the velocity of any vehicle. Horsepower (HP) = (Torque × Speed)/5252. Rialto Ave. Enter wheel weights into the Corner Balance Calculator and it gives Cross Weight, Cross Weight%, Wheel Correction weights, Wedge and Bite. Type in your vehicle Weight and Horsepower, choose Automatic or Stick, Door Car or Dragster, then click on the "Calculate" button. It will graph the results when done. Free Horsepower Calculator. This calculator estimates your top speed when horsepower is added. Learn more about Milling. Converting horsepower to amps can be done in a few simple steps, or using this simple formula. Vehicle Horsepower. To get correct gearing for your top speed runs use our Gearspeed Calculator . 7. 62 pounds per hp. MPH = 224 (hp/weight) 1/3 and ET = 6. Use the Westfield Flight Speed calculator to determine the optimal speed for an auger powered with a gas or an electric motor. Tractive Power (TP), also known as Tractive Effort (TE) is only one of the factors used in calculating the relationships between HP, gross train weight and speed. Compute estimated increase in engine horsepower when an after market, racing upgrade or performance part has been installed with ET. Horsepower. The following two calculators can be used to estimate the engine horsepower of a vehicle based on the weight of the vehicle, elapsed time, and speed used to  Calculator for solving the power to weight ratio in horsepower and pounds. Calculate an estimated 0-60 mph time by entering horsepower, curb weight, drive type, and transmission type. M. MPH Calculate. When it comes to understanding how a dynamometer measures torque and calculates power, it will help to know a few more basic definitions and formulas. As a rule of thumb, it takes twice as much horsepower to move a given package at 130 FPM than at 65 FPM. Calculate HP from 1/8 mi MPH By using SMOKEmUP. The calculator will then compute either the target weight or horsepower required in order to achieve this time. The formula is: hp = weight / (ET / 5. 5" dia shaft. boats and cabin cruisers often going even faster, let's now calculate the HP needed for that speed. Power to weight ratio is used to measure the actual performance of any engine or power source as a whole. A favorite example is the 155-horsepower Mazda MX-5 Miata. Divide the RPM value by the Speed value i. Plus, not every performance parameter is affected by just power and power-to-weight ratio. Planing Hull Calculation Vessel weight, lbs (calculations will show maximum speed based on available HP, and required HP to attain your desired speed). Calculate Rear End Gear Ratio Enter the tire diameter in inches, rpm's of the motor at a certain speed as indicated by your speedometer in mph. The horsepower at both the spindle and the motor are shown, as well as the spindle torque for a given spindle speed (RPM). 6/24/2020 04:20:56 PM Wallace Racing BACK to Calculators To figure the Horsepower required to run a top speed (like Bonneville), you'll need the Co-eficient drag (Cd) of the vehicle,weight,frontal area (sq/ft) Approximate Motor Weight (in pounds): Just a guess, to start. If you know your vehicle's weight and horsepower, this calculator can and its top speed (called "trap speed") will be 108. y = 3. This calculator will find the horsepower required for a certain vehicle to reach their top speed (Vmax). The Trap Speed method. aircraft is gross weight 400 lb with L/D ratio Jun 09, 2016 · Gill says ACC Performance uses curb weight — or weight as the vehicle sits — when calculating ideal stall speed. 34 is typical but lighter displacement boats may be allowed a higher number. Do you know you auger's optimal flight speed? Find out by entering your auger measurements into the blank boxes below and clicking on "Calculate". Reserve power is the available power over and above that required to maintain horizontal flight at a given speed. In gravity systems the Force is Weight - mass multiplied with gravity. The results and the chart plot are based on an SL Ratio of 1. RPM through lights (finish line). Input the power of the vehicle's engine; 5. Speed: 0 RPM With 2 different calculation methods, based on the weight of a vehicle and elapsed time, or weight and final speed after driving the quarter mile, this engine   Determine horsepower, torque, line speed, web tension, inertia, horsepower for HP CALCULATIONS for CENTER DRIVEN WINDERS: W = weight (lbs). The answer can only be obtained if you know how long you need the power to be available for. And power  Thus, a 10-horsepower (hp) motor has an acceptable load range of By using a tachometer to measure actual motor speed, it is possible to calculate motor  11 Mar 2016 It does NOT tell you how fast that engine can move the car. Learn more! Simply select the driven wheels for your car, enter either the kerb weight (KG) or flywheel horsepower (BHP). weight transfer = weight x cg height / wheelbase x g. You just have to guess where yours falls. Automobile Performance Math Calculator designed for the road racer, drag racer or car enthusiast. Horsepower is what makes a vehicle manufacturer  Mechanical Horsepower Calculator. To figure miles per hour, multiply the engine RPM by the Wheel Diameter in inches and divide this by the Gear Ratio times 336 or MPH = RPM * wheel diameter (in inches) / gear ratio * 336: RPM Calculate. It does not take into account a variety of factors including, but not limited to, various losses, efficiencies, and drive configurations. Input Horse Power, hp : Input Speed, N (RPM) : Torque, T (lbs-ft) : Calculator-2. 54 km/h at 3000 RPM. Horsepower (HP) is a measure of electric power equal to 746 watts (W). First, a force of 2 to 5 pounds per ton of train weight is required to move on straight level track. DISPLACEMENT This is our very own power to weight, watts to speed, and estimated time to terminal velocity bare bones calculator. Formula and rating factors based upon real world  other of mass 1,500 kg and power 150 hp; weight / power ratio (here equal to 10 kg A quick calculation shows that at maximum torque speed (2,000 rpm), the  Helpful tools for calculating motor loads with formulas. Mercury Marine uses the following formula to estimate potential top end, this calculator uses this formula. Related Topics . Neglect bearing frication. 1/4 Mile ET. 27 horsepower and use this for your hosepower to air flow calculation. 4 Veyron in order to  28 Aug 2019 The average car horsepower varies from one model to another; will speed up much better from a specific spot and carry more weight when it is towing. The dynamometer is used for calculating the torque, and the tachometer is the tool that computes the speed or RPM (revolutions per minute) of an engine. horsepower (HP) is based on speed times torque, and the speed has increased by 52%, the new value of HP would be 2. 5 watts. Weight is as the car sits on the line: driver and gas in it. The ratio might be the same, but the reality is very, very different. Vehicle Weight with Driver. (1), T = D. 0-60 mph Calculator for Cars. After several observations, Watt concluded that a strong horse could provide 550 foot-pounds per second of power, or one horsepower (Figure 1). This calculator is based on an idea from Daniels' Running Formula. 85. This calculator uses the following formulas: Calculate ¼-mile ET from HP and weight: Horsepower Calculator from 1/4 mile time, Trap Speed & Weight. For example, if a an object with a mass of 10 kg (m = 10 kg) is moving at a velocity of 5 meters per second (v = 5 m/s), the kinetic energy is equal to 125 Acceleration simulator. One Horsepower equals to 33,000 lb. When increasing the speed, more horsepower may be needed to drive the load. Trap speed is the velocity or speed of a vehicle at the end of a run or race competition. Calculate the horsepower required for a turning operation based on the feed rate, depth of cut, and cut diameter, which will determine the material removal rate (or metal removal rate). Using these specs then I can roughly assume that many specs have been taken into account for a thrust calculations. 067. generally calculated as a function of gross vehicle weight, speed, and surface adhesion. The boat horsepower-to-weight ratio is simple to calculate and can be expressed in horsepower per pound or pounds per horsepower. Head = ft. A 14% driveline loss is assumed for Wheel HP. Learn more! 1/8 & 1/4 Mile ET and Speed Calculator. Weight must be between 1100 and 4000 Lbs. 56, this creates you a 'Speed to RPM conversion ratio'. 33000 ft. of torque at 1000 RPM and can also produce 100 ft. image4. Horsepower & Torque Calculator. Because work equals force times distance, you can write the equation for power the following way, assuming that the force acts along the direction of travel: where s is the distance traveled. of torque at 2000 RPM, then the engine makes twice as much power at 2000 RPM - it can accomplish the same amount of work twice as fast. $400 is not a good investment at all for 1/2 horsepower over the length of the track, or the extra 1/2 horsepower applied for 11 seconds I have to extract at the end and convert back to heat ¼ Mile Horsepower Calculator : MPH: Weight : HP : Enter the MPH and Weight and Click on Calculate HP = Weight * (MPH / 234) ^3 Oct 11, 2019 · It will also estimate 1/4 Mile Elapsed Time and Trap Speed from horsepower and will derive horsepower from ET or Trap Speed. In Horsepower Output VELOCITY VOLUME flOW R~TE TOROUE TOROUE/loo psi - SPEED HORSEPOWER = 231 x flOW RATE (GP!. The power-to-weight ratio calculator uses the following formulas to calculate the power-to-weight ratios: Dec 19, 2019 · To calculate the horsepower of a car, start by finding the engine’s torque value and engine speed in the owner’s manual. If you plot the horsepower versus the rpm values for the engine, what you end up with is a horsepower curve for the engine. Horsepower = (Torque x RPMs) / 5252. 3208 x Flow Rate through I. The calculator below uses the above formula. This equation does not compensate for temperature, density or airflow charateristics of any particular fan or blower. Dec 09, 2014 · Steam Engine Horsepower Example: An engine with a 9” bore, a 10” stroke, a speed of 250 rpm, and 150 lbs. 227 x raduis / time^2. The force balance of a vehicle is shown in Figure 4. Example #2. For example, if your engine has 350 horsepower then the torque would be 367 foot-pounds, at 5,000 RPM. Calculate Torque from Horsepower Calculate Speed from Horsepower. In other words, 1 horsepower is the amount of work required to move a load of 550 pounds over 1 foot, in 1 second. There is also some frictional force in the chain, gears, and bearings. No guarantees or warrantees of any kind are made to the accuracy or suitability of the calculations. com's automath you agree to use this service for your own personal use. Remember that drag by air increases exponentially with speed, so going 200 km/h results in 4 times as much drag than going 100 km/h, and thus you’ll need 4 times as much horsepower (and then 5. WOT= (square root of HP/weight) x BF (bottom factor) Bottom factors range from about 150 for a deep vee to about 225 for a jon flat bottom. Calculations to determine the trap speed are generally the most accurate, because they are largely independant of the suspension and traction, and even the vehicle gearing horsepower = weight / (elapsed_time / 5. 446 miles per minute. You then calculate the predicted speed by using the formula: Speed (kn) = C * Sqrt(BHP/displacement) Once again, all this is valid for high speed planing hulls (speed/length ratio 3 or more). For 60 foot, 330 foot and 660 foot split as well use our quarter mile calculator with incremental. Handling characteristics, acceleration, top speed, braking, 0-60, 0-100, 30-50, etc could all be used as measures of performance and they each require different characteristics. The ET method. Note: Frictional factor used in the above formula vary depending on the specific applications and products being conveyed. Amps = (Horsepower × 746) ÷ Efficiency ÷ Volts. 9 Apr 2018 The boat horsepower-to-weight ratio is simple to calculate and can be Repeat, increasing the turn in speed until you can no longer pass the  In Horsepower hp = PQ/1714 Velocity = . A basic understanding of the brake horsepower of a motor is the key to ensure that the output is strong enough to drive both, the motor and any auxiliary components. The answer is the horsepower for the car’s engine. Note: Many fluid power engineering and data resources have flow charts to simplify this process, but in the absence of those charts, this information should help with sizing pneumatic valve requirements. The more power you have per ton, the faster you'll get up to speed. This calculator allows you to choose between either of those two calculations. 825)3. There are three factors to calculate when sizing a motor; Moment of Inertia, Torque, and Speed. (7 pts. 1/4 Mile Top End Speed. The formula: horsepower = weight * (speed / 234)³. It should be clear, at this point, why the calculators use equations that are based on weight, time and speed to calculate horsepower. Therefore, your quarter-mile elapsed time for a 500-pound car with 85 horsepower and a constant of 5. Power to weight ratio is important in cycling, since it determines acceleration and the speed during hill climbs. you to take 6 times the car weight rolling resistance to calculate the HP required. com: Calculate Rotating Horsepower. Enter your search terms Submit search form : Web: www. The equation to calculate horsepower is simple: Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5,252. Its PWR  Wallace Racing - ET/MPH/HP Calculator. The weight (mass) only makes a difference when trying to move against inertia, like when accelerating - especially from a stop. 68 pounds per hp, while the twin 400s (800 hp total) calculate to 1. See the chart below the table for typical ratios. . 4%. Altitude-Speed Cross plots The intersection of the thrust (thrust available) curve with the drag (thrust required) curve is the solution to Eq. Then enter the total weight of your vehicle, as raced, including the drivers weight. This method uses the weight of the car and the speed at which the vehicle completed the quarter-mile run. Click on the "Calculate" button to generate the calculation. It can be a little more or a little less, but if some or all of your passengers weigh over one hundred fifty pounds, you may have to decrease the number of passengers you can safely take on board. This means that a horse exerting one horsepower can lift a 330 lb. However, if this information is missing or you would like to calculate the horsepower manually, you can use a simple formula that takes into account the vehicle's weight and speed. Calculate Horsepower with the Trap Speed Method. lb per second; Note that Power is "Work per unit time" and work is "Force through distance". Ventilation - Systems for ventilation and air handling - air change rates, ducts and pressure drops, charts and diagrams and more; Related Documents . 3,000 lb is 1. P = Fv Horsepower (hp) Walking Trotting Running Analysis: Calculate your horsepower from your three different average times. WATER AND PUMP HORSEPOWER Nov 26, 2007 · Nothing. An unpowered flywheel has only a finite amount of stored Energy (Iω 2 /2 where I is moment of inertia and ω is the angular velocity). 7 hp. P = (Q x PF)/(33,000 x ) or. I want to calculate the motor rating for an electric-bicycle having a laden weight of 150 kg and maximum speed of 25 km/h. Once there, click on the image of the calculator, and be aware that the process is a little overly complicated. Because speed is squared in the equation, extreme forces can be expected at Now it becomes clear why Bugatti needs 1000 hp in its 16. /s. Oct 08, 2009 · Not that creative on my part, do a web search for "horsepower estimator" and you'll find a lot of hits that based on 1/4 mile speed or time and weight, which is the approach I took, determine power given speed and distance from a standing start and weight of vehicle, although I simplified this assuming unlimited traction, and constant power. Dec 17, 2012 · Though horsepower units are a derivative of the 33,000 ft-lbf/min, it is not critical to understanding how to calculate motor horsepower for speed and torque. h = height of stairs, in feet. May 11, 2017 · Lower-horsepower cars can even offer distinct performance advantages over their more-powerful competitors. 825) 3. Vehicle Weight. Then, I thought about the effect of a light weight driveshaft. Determine the increase in engine horsepower when an after market modification, race or performance part has been installed with trap speed. This affordable rear-wheel drive roadster has a modest engine for a sports car, but the reason it’s fun to drive is because it’s light and agile – it’s not concerned with achieving the highest speed in a straight line. The boat's weight and your favorite water activities matter. Generally, horsepower is a unit for measuring the power of various electrical motors, piston engines, steam turbines etc and it is equal to 746 watts or Cycling Power to Weight Ratio Calculator. If you do not know this ratio, you can simply put in 1. One is the 1921 Oldsmobile from Beverly Hillbillies. This method uses the weight of the car and the time it took that car to travel 1330 feet (¼ mile). Jul 28, 2016 · You might claim that a 600-horsepower, 6000-pound SUV is equal to a 200-horsepower, 2000-pound race car, but I'm not buying it. The overall boat speed is a function of prop pitch and prop speed. lateral weight transfer = weight x cg height / wheel Kinetic Energy is the energy an object has owing to its motion. Fan Affinity Laws - Affinity laws can be used to calculate volume capacity, head or power consumption when speed and wheel diameters are changed Climb depends upon the reserve power or thrust. lbs. force. 52 or almost 350% of the HP required at the original speed. 08 miles-per-hour. ) Aug 28, 2019 · There are several ways to calculate the horsepower of a vehicle. able to determine that a horse could take one minute to lift a weight of 33,000 pounds. calculatoredge. Today I will show you a simple way about quadcopter weight calculator and quadcopter thrust calculator, If you are interested, go ahead. (1 ton = 2,240 pounds) (If you are more a metric-type, so are we. Tire Diameter (Hght. 40 hp/lb). It takes a certain amount of weight for a tractor to transfer one horsepower of energy from the engine to the ground — figure 130-140 pounds per PTO horsepower for front-wheel assist (MFWD) tractors and 95-110 pounds per PTO horsepower for 4WD tractors. Let's say we have a vehicle that weighs 1500 pounds and has a horsepower (hp) of 200. Torque is a rotational force generated by the electrical system, whereas, the horsepower is an imperial unit of power equal to 745. Whether you are test driving your brand new car, or just going for a quick jog or cycle, if you want to know how to find average speed, this calculator will come in handy. Hhorsepower w weight S speed (b)Calculate the speed a car will capable of that weighs 2460 pounds with 390 horsepower, rounded to the nearest mile per hour (MPH) 23-1 2 234 Jan 24, 2015 · Now recall that horsepower equals torque times RPM divided by 5,252 and see what you get. This program provides general estimates for conveyor power requirements. Determine horsepower, torque, line speed, web tension, inertia, horsepower for center driven winders, & industrial motor control applications. Second, the power required is the speed times the torque. wheel thrust = drive wheel torque / rolling radius. This speed calculator is a tool that helps you determine the average speed of a moving object based on the distance traveled over a certain time traveled. Therefore, horsepower is equivalent to torque (lb-in) multiplied by speed (rpm), divided by 63025. 34 is just a guide as to the usual theoretical hull speed, beyond which the increasing amount of power required to push a hull past a certain speed becomes impractical. The Trap-speed method To find the electric horsepower of a motor, use the equation: Horsepower = (Volts x Amps) / 745. Result will be displayed. Weight transfer at launch is also calculated. Horsepower & Aero Drag Calculator By David Nguyen Assumptions: Vehicle is a car driven on concrete with tire pressures 30 psi. The following is a generic equation to determine the required horsepower to drive the fan or blower element . Multiply the miles per minute speed times 60 to convert the speed to miles per hour (mph). A four polethree phase induction motorwith a ratedfull loadspeed of 1750 has a slip rating of 2. Most automotive engines produce power in a wide band of the engine’s speed. This web app uses the quarter mile distance or track. Trap Speed Method Factors affecting Engine Horsepower In addition to the technical factors such as weight and the make of the engine, the following factors play a major role in deciding the engine horsepower: Typically here in the US we take the car’s weight and divide by the horsepower. The answers below will be for at sea level and standard  Calculate HP from Trap Speed. A car's top speed is affected by many things. 00 as this is the typical 4th gear ratio of most 4 sp and 5 sp manual transmissions. to Sea Level Timeslip Cor. 125 hp for every pound of car. Horsepower must be between 200 and 1300 HP. Trap-speed method - applies vehicle weight also, and takes into account car's speed on the quarter-mile finish line (this is not average speed, but speed at the moment of crossing the end line). 10 Sep 2019 Learn more about the comparison of horsepower vs torque before you buy. Make sense? Here is the countdown to the ten production cars with the best power-to-weight. SHp, shaft hp, Blade, (unitless). Engineers have also done calculations to relate horsepower to torque. How to Calculate Horsepower. This information can act as a guide for determining the Horse Power (HP) requirements of a Bucket Elevator. A high level of horsepower in automobiles is useful in applications such as high-speed racing. Apr 09, 2018 · When you’re trying to determine the amount of horsepower you need, it’s essential to consider the weight of the boat. Formula, Calculator, and Q & A chatbot. There are a few different ways to calculate speed depending on which types of information you have. As boat speed increases from rest, the wavelength of the bow wave increases, and usually its crest-to-trough dimension (height) increases as well. HP = 429. Horsepower 60' G Force HP 1/4 mi MPH - Auto Lookup HP from 1/4 mi MPH HP from 1/4 mi ET HP from 1/8 mi MPH MPH & ET from HP Wind Resistance Weather Density Altitude 1 Density Altitude 2 NHRA Correction Factors Timeslip Cor. 23 Mount Erin Rd, Blair Athol NSW 2560, Australia 02 9607 2299 Horsepower Definition. 3,000 lb/600 = 5 lbs/hp. Horsepower to Torque Converter is an online tool used in electrical engineering to calculate how much torque will be generated according to the input power value either in horsepower or watts. The formula for the trap speed method: horsepower = weight × (speed ÷ 234)3 Oct 08, 2009 · Not that creative on my part, do a web search for "horsepower estimator" and you'll find a lot of hits that based on 1/4 mile speed or time and weight, which is the approach I took, determine power given speed and distance from a standing start and weight of vehicle, although I simplified this assuming unlimited traction, and constant power. But under typical driving conditions for family automobiles, using high horsepower uses more fuel. For example, I used to own a classic Mini with about 120hp. * But HP can be converted into kW and the efficiency of cars is known because we know their fuel consumption. Adjust using real data after you get close. The numbers show that the triple 300 hp engines (900 hp total) have a power-to-weight ratio of 1. 7 (does not take efficiency into consideration) Example: The electric horsepower of a motor with 120 volts and 10 amps is: HP = (120 x 10) / 745. You must then enter a target time or speed e. Example 1 Enter your vehicle weight in lbs, and engine horsepower, then click either of the grey buttons to calculate your approximate 1/4 mile ET (seconds) and trap speed (mph). ) Bicycle Power and Speed Calculator (A more detailed watts to speed calculator. Drivetrain. Another common unit of power that motors are rated in is watts. (GPM). Hp = Torque X RPM ÷ 5252. The answer is the horsepower for the car's engine. Horsepower marketing and reporting has been ubiquitous and persuasive. We can then make a ot of The Gas horsepower is the amount of real horsepower going to the Compressor, not the horsepower used by the motor. 2) * 215 (old horsepower) = Theoretical Weight (2838). When an object is just sitting without any motion, the moment of inertia is 0. Horsepower ratings are calculated according to the standard speed listed for that conveyor. Achieve high-capacity performance with Westfield. By Jeff Perez Jun  Start and Running Torque Requirements, Calculations for Electric Motors The time duration required to accelerate a application from a dead stop to operating speed is given by the following: 308 = Constant derived converting minutes to seconds, mass from weight, and HP = Horsepower delivered by electric motor HPE = Empty Horsepower Requirement Wc = Weight per foot of Chain and Flight (Lb/ft) L = Length of the Conveyor (ft) S = Speed of the Chain (ft/min) as you can see, does not depend on the speed but on the car's weight only. Continue reading to see how this formula was derived. D, impeller diameter, Np, (unitless). Power to weight ratio is the primary factor, but it also takes into consideration the performance advantages of RWD and AWD over FWD, and the advantage of a Manual transmission over an Automatic. /s, and the engine develops 454 HP, which is 249,700 ft. Number of passengers: Avg. Boiler Horsepower: It is denoted by the symbol hp(S) and is approximately equivalent to 33,475 Btu/h or 9809. One horsepower is equal to 745. The suggestion is that changes in weight following a break from running will result in changes in VO 2 Max (or VDOT), which will affect training paces and race performance. For ex. This equation is the second most important thing on this page, and it’s the reason that anyone telling you that horsepower and torque should be considered equally and separately is significantly mistaken. The answers below will be for at sea level and standard pressure/temperature. Brake Mean Effective Pressure. The motor horsepower required for the milling operation can then be compared to the horsepower capability of the machine. 19. (ft) Weight (lbs) Time (s) Average. Simply enter the four figures for your vehicle and see what you face horsepower-wise to meet your objectives. Horsepower is a unit of measurement of power developed by engineer James Watt in the late 18 th century. Battery Weight (in pounds): A typical battery is 65 lbs. Power to weight ratio is the primary factor, but it also takes into consideration the performance advantages of RWD and AWD over FWD, and the advantage of a manual transmission over an automatic. Although its original purpose was to compare the output of steam engines with the power of horses (hence its name), it has since been adopted as a unit of measurement for all sorts of engines used to power things such as vehicles, lawn mowers, boats, chainsaw, and airplanes. Here’s what that looks like in equation form: Assume you have two speedboats of equal mass, and you want to know which one will get you up to a speed of 120 miles per hour faster. Most of those specs boil down to a targeted gross weight, wing loading and L/D ratio. For all of the calculations simply fill in the yellow boxes and  Enter value, select unit and click on calculate. Calculate your Horsepower based on Torque & RPM. Use this formula for horsepower using the trap speed method: horsepower = weight × (speed ÷ 234) 3 Mar 03, 2020 · To calculate horsepower, you need to consider the amount of weight involved, distance, and how long it takes for the vehicle to cover that distance. Equation: P = (Q x p)/(229 x ) or. This calculator computes the estimated engine or motor horsepower from trap speed. As you can see from this math, this is why losing weight is rarely as useful as gaining horsepower, or at least, horsepower gain is significantly more practical and cost Known variables: Weight (lbs), Linear Velocity (ft/min), Speed of Driving Motor (RPM), Change in Speed (RPM), and Time to Accelerate Total System (sec) In addition to the torque required to drive the load at a steady speed, torque is required to accelerate the load. ¼ Mile Horsepower Calculator: MPH: Weight : HP : Enter the MPH and Weight and Click on Calculate HP = Weight * (MPH / 234) ^3 The best thing to do is calculate a constant from published tests or your personal setup and go from there. weight 33 feet in one minute. Torque - Horsepower (hp) conversion is a method of converting one unit from other and vice versa. Calculate Engine Horsepower using Trap Speed Method. lb per min or; 550 ft. It follows that the measure (in horsepower) of the work that a machine performs is: Force (in lbs) multiplied by Speed (in feet per minute) divided by 33000 Many conveyors do not elevate loads, but merely carry them horizontally from one location to another. PWR calculations are commonly used to predict vehicle speed. It doesn't sound like much - until you do the math. Show all your work in the space below. The example below uses 150 for BF. Drive the test vehicle in the chosen acceleration gear and make a note of the exact speed at an exact RPM point, i. The amount of horsepower you choose will impact your fuel efficiency, too. I'm fast when I climb stairs, faster than most people, so shouldn't I be at least in the normal range? Figure 1: Relative change in horsepower, size, weight, and fuel consumption of the displays a steady compounded annual growth rate of. Plug in your info, and click "Calculate" on the item you want to compute. 825 is 10. Enter the total weight of both the vehicle and the driver; 4. Created for and by Lotec owner Kurt Lotterschmid, this car was made for top speed and could reach a theoretical 400 kph, but the tires limit the amount to 380 kph. It is equal to thrust per unit mass multiplied by the velocity of any vehicle. e can I estimate my hp? Calculate the horsepower required for a milling operation based on the feed rate and depth of cut, which are used to determine the material removal rate (or metal removal rate). Select a valve that meets the higher 1. For example, if you have a car that weights 2000 pounds and has 250 hp, the PWR will be as follows: 250 / 2000 = 0. This formula is applied to calculate the speed or velocity at the end of the run. Ideal 1/4  Performance Calculators - Engine Displacement, Horsepower, Speed From RPM , Size of Carb Needed, Fuel Pressure, CLICK ICON TO USE CALCULATOR. Speed (v = dy/t) (ft/s) Power. * For internal combustion engines horsepower (HP) is the mechanical power which can be measured. Most engines use horsepower to describe how much work they can do in a given amount of time. Choose which equation you would like to use to calculate the terminal speed at the end of the quarter-mile and the quarter-mile ET; 3. But for typically-sized cars, here’s the formula: top speed (mph) = 20 times cube root of horsepower Ex Re: Is there a formula to calculate speed from hp and weight? Well, there is a basic formula that has worked well for me. 36 =441 bhp per tonne. Time (s) Average. ) in Inches. For practice use an air flow of 80 cubic feet per minute and it will equal 115. You can use our horsepower calculator below to try it out yourself. Memory recall , Velocity Final, Vf = Velocity initial + acceleration X time. So I am little curious how does Torque Pro calculate the Horsepower at wheels. Calculate engine horsepower after a quarter mile run using the ET method. Calculated out this gives an electric horsepower of 1. P = (Q x Pw When you choose torque, this calculator will measure the approximate torque of an engine based on the horsepower, multiplied by 5,252 (conversion between foot-pounds and horsepower), divided by the RPM of the engine. The conversion from watts to horsepower is 745. If you already know the measured brake horsepower or brake torque, you can calculate the MEP required to produce it. Wallace Racing - ET/MPH/HP Calculator Weight is as the car sits on the line: driver and gas in it. How Bike Calculator works. This calculator has been designed around statistical averages based largely on sample data from Edmunds. There's a lot more going on than what these two metrics can reveal. Pressure, Force and Horsepower Relationships: Pressure (psi) = force (lbs) / area (in²) Force (lbs) = area (in²) x pressure (psi) Area (in²) = force (lbs) / pressure (psi) Fluid Power Horsepower: Fluid Power Horsepower (hp) = pressure (psi) x pump flow (gpm) / 1,714 Torque and Horsepower Relationships: Torque (ft lbs) = horsepower (hp) x 5,252 / speed (rpm) 2. 515 seconds. For Example: A four polethree phase induction motorwhen operated at 60 Hz will be very close to 1800RPM(synchronous speed). The Square Root of (Total Shaft Horsepower / Weight )  The clearest explanation you'll find for the difference between horsepower and torque, Notice this doesn't say anything about how fast you're twisting. Formulas I am using to calculate HP at wheels: HP = KE of car at that instant / time diff between the current reading and the previous reading, where KE = 1/2 * m * ((current speed) ^ 2 - (previous reading speed) ^2) Air drag is even worse, proportional to the square of the speed. For the theory behind the simulator see the performance page. 84. Calculate. Try out this calculator get a rough estimate of horsepower. 34 this “magical” 1. To calculate the horsepower of a vehicle, you need to know the engine speed and torque. The three major forces that must be overcome to maintain a certain speed are air resistance, rolling resistance, and gravity. Here says the horsepower is 43 and here are some other specs. Horsepower is the product of torque and another value—(RPMs divided by 5252). Aircraft Engine Thrust and Horsepower Calculators Input the required values and click on Calculate. To use this horsepower calculator enter the mph trap speed at the 1/4 mile mark from one of your dragstrip ET slips. 73W/kg. 1) 12 x 60 x IIET AREA (Square Inches) = r X RADiUS' (Inches) x STROKE (Inches) 231 = IIET AREA (Slrwe Inches) x STROKE (Inches) 231 _ 12 x 60 x VELOCITY (FeevSec) x NET AREA (Square InCl1es) 231 = PRESSURE (psi) x F. By determining the speed and torque of a vehicle, a person can pursue any method for measuring the horsepower. Total Weight of Car (with the driver included): 500 3. Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) is a simple way to calculate and compare your cycling performance. Re-transmission, performing calculations for others is PROHIBITED and will result in termination of your account with no refund. Power-to-weight ratio (PWR) formula. Guide Index There are many variables to consider when designing a Bucket Elevator. 52 Cv rating. If you want to try it yourself, here is the link to the calculator on Calculate the horsepower required for a turning operation based on the feed rate, depth of cut, and cut diameter, which will determine the material removal rate (or metal removal rate). P. Using data on rolling and aerodynamic resistance, we can calculate that an 80kg rider would have to maintain an average power output or around 298W, requiring a power-to-weight ratio of 3. Speed at end of Quarter-Mile, MPH. drive wheel torque = flywheel torque x first gear x final drive x 0. Calculate Engine Horsepower. In physics, you can calculate power based on force and speed. For example, if the wheel speed is 300 rpm, the example tire is moving at 0. The same answer we get from the MEP calculation. Convert Horsepower to Watts Calculate Engine Horsepower using Trap Speed Method Calculate Change in Engine Horsepower Performance using the Trap Speed Method Vehicle Weight: Jul 08, 2009 · In this situation, adding 10lbs of rotating weight has the same effect as adding 20lbs of dead weight. g = wheel thrust / weight. Graphing Horsepower. Apr 11, 2020 · Speed is the measure of how fast something is going at a certain time. calculate horsepower from weight and speed

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